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Does My Kid Have A Learning Disability?


The realization that your kid may have a learning disability may be disheartening for you as a parent. But timely diagnosis of the problem can help your kid reach her potential and have a successful personal and professional life. An article titled Early warning signs of a learning disability published in states, "Children with learning difficulties usually have normal or above normal intelligence but have trouble expressing their knowledge." This is quite true. Therefore, kids with learning disabilities may just need a different way to help them understand basic concepts.

If you suspect that your kid might have a learning disorder, talk to a doctor for some expert advice to identify the exact problem. Difficulty with numbers, counting and understanding basic math can be a sign of dyscalculia. Dyspraxia can affect co-ordination and thus impact a child's handwriting. If your child has difficulty reading or understanding text or processing instructions properly, she may have dyslexia.

In an interview to WebMD, actress Salma Hayek said this of her dyslexia, “I’m really a fast learner. I always was, which is maybe why in high school they didn’t realize I had dyslexia. I skipped years without studying too much,” she says. “The dyslexia doesn’t bother me now. Some people read really fast, but you’ll ask them questions about the script and they’ll forget. I take a long time to read a script, but I read it only once."

Parenting kids with learning difficulties may not be easy. It may require extra efforts and lots of patience. But with proper care, kids with even severe learning problems can blossom into successful adults.

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