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Doctor Visits For Your Children


Going to a doctor is not your child’s idea of a fun outing by any means. Kids worry about a doctor’s visit. They have fears of feeling pain or having a serious illness. Some children may even feel guilty as if going to a doctor is a punishment. Parents must assuage these fears.

The first year of your baby’s life may involve several visits to the doctor. These are for immunisation purposes and also to check the development of your child to ascertain there is no delay in milestones. Your paediatrician will also answer questions you, as a new parent, may have, such as whether your baby is getting enough food and sleep and why he is crying.

In the case of your toddler, after a thorough physical exam to ensure all is well, the doctor may ask you questions such as whether your child points at objects, makes eye contact, plays, walks and talks. He will assess your child’s fine motor skills and social skills.

According to www.healthychildren.org, “Your pediatrician is interested not only in your child's physical health, but also in his or her mental and emotional well-being. It is appropriate to discuss such concerns just as your youngster's school experiences, relationships with peers, family difficulties, and daily stresses.”

It is important that your child has a good rapport with his doctor. Ensure that you choose a paediatrician who has both knowledge and empathy.

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