Do You Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

Parents Should Rethink Kissing Their Kids On The Mouth: Child Psychologist Explains Why - Babyology

There’s nothing a kiss from mum won’t fix, but puckering up to peck your child on the lips – you may want to rethink that. A child psychologist at the centre of a mouth kissing storm says she’s treated American preschoolers being threatened with e...

Parents Respond: Is It 'Too Sexual' To Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

An article with the headline Experts Say Kissing Your Kids On The Lips Is "Too Sexual" has sparked widespread discussion among parents. The feature on website Your Tango made reference to comments made previously by Dr. Charlotte Reznick who belie...

Now Trending: Are Kids Too Old For Kiss On Lips From Parents?

Valley View Live! hosts discussed Monday the controversial article that gave a timeline for parents to stop kissing their children on the lips.

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As soon as you become a parent, you will suddenly start hearing ‘ ‘, ‘expert warnings’, and ‘friendly suggestions’. Some of these are true, some false and some plain bizarre. For instance well wishers warn us not to give pacifiers or bottles to av...

Psychologist Slams Doctor's Advice Not To Kiss Their Children On The Lips Because It Is Too 'Sexual'

'It's healthy to be affectionate to your children': Psychologist slams doctor's advice not to kiss their children on the lips because it is too 'sexual' http...

I Won't Kiss My Kids On The Lips Because It's Sexually Inappropriate

We're excited to share this post written by Eden Strong from our friends at YourTango. Recently, writer Sabrina Rogers-Anderson wrote an article titled, "Kissing Kids on the Lips Could Be Confused as Sexual? Ridiculous!" in which she states: Um, w...

Do You Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

My blogger/writer/all-around-cool-gal friend Joanna Goddard wrote about this topic on her blog yesterday—she is an unapologetic mouth kisser when it comes to her adorable baby, Toby. I watched the comments and opinions roll in (um, 381 at last cou...

Should Parents Kiss Their Kids In The Mouth?

Precious and Princess weigh in on the latest topic buzzing the Internet.

Outraged Parents Are Defending Their Right To Kiss Their Children On The Lips

Last week an American psychologist's controversial comments, originally made in 2010, went viral and caused a stir in the parenting community. Mums and dads responded with outrage to Dr Charlotte Reznick's opinion that parents should not kiss thei...

Since When Is Kissing Your Kids On The Lips Weird?

Pucker up babies! Mama is coming for you. I’m a lip kisser. Not with people outside of my family of course, but my kids, my husband. Growing up I kissed my parents and sisters on the lips. I didn’t think anything of it. My husband on the other ha...

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Do You Kiss Your Kids On The Lips?

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kiss their children on the lips after doctor calls it 'sexual' and 'confusing'