Diy Personalized Cards

Diy 3d Cards

Beautiful cards and I am in awe of those that have the artistic skills to do it as a DIY project. Since I don't, but I hate e-cards and want to send heartfelt, personalized greeting cards by snail mail or give them out in person, I use SendOutCard...

Birthday Card

I would like to include this handmade design in the publication Hands on.

10 Easy Diy Card Ideas

DIY Gifts: Make Cards to give with gifts for Christmas, Valentines Day and Birthdays!

Simple Beautiful Envelope

A simple way to make a beautiful handmade envelope. Great for gift cards, birthdays, or special occasions. DIY crafts can be fun and easy!

Diy Christmas Cards

If you told me today that I was forced to blog only about DIY-ing my own cards, I’d say “Done”. This is by far my favourite craft to do for any occasion, but Christmas brings out that hamster running on the wheel in my brain to a point where I don...

Paper-Cutout Cards

To start, use transfer paper to trace the templates, which will keep the design right-facing. For cutting designs from folding paper, do not fold the paper more than two or three times. Score creases with a bone folder for precision. Before you be...

Diy Easy Colorful Mother’S Day Gift

Now this is a fun and colorful way to put a smile on mom’s face this Mother’s Day! This easy and adorable DIY MOM Card can be made in just an hour and is a great time to spend with the kids.

Quick Birthday Balloon Cards

Shows quick birthday cards and a look at the Avery Elle Custom Panel die set.

Diy Greeting Cards

Paint Chip Greeting Card Decor Spice up greeting cards with pretty paint chip cutouts. Source: Everyday Cookies 32 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Paint Chips: If you're planning on painting your walls, you'll find yourself with more paint chips than you ...

Complimentary Cupcake- Birthday Card For Friend

Check out the cupcake birthday card for your friend.

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Diy Personalized Cards

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
Start by sketching a creative design for your cards. Here are some of the easy DIY Personalized cards.