Jeans Necklace: What You Need

1.AN old pair ofjeans 2.Rotary cutter 3.Mod Podge (glue and water mixture)

Step 1

Cut the bottom half of the jeans.

Step 2

Cut it to strips of different sizes. The thicker the strips, the bigger the beads will be.

Step 3

With the use of a pen roll each strip of jeans to make beads.

Step 4

Keep rolling until you reach the end of the strip.

Step 5

Glue the end to form a bead. Keep making beads in different sizes.


String the beads together and you have a new fabulous necklace to show off !!!

Jeans Bag: What You Need

1. A pair of jeans 2. Rotary cutter

Step 1

Cut the jeans as shown above.

Step 2

Invert the jeans and you should have something this,

Step 3

Sew the bottom of the jeans.

Step 4

Invert the jeans from inside out. Attach a handle to the bag by tying a strip of old cloth, and your ready to go.

More Ideas For You To Try: Jeans File Cover

You can cover your old file with your jeans to look something like this..The pockets can be used to store your pens and you could also attach charms to the belt loops.

Your Very Own Denim Shoes

An old pair of shoes can be converted to a brand new, stylish denim pair of shoes you will be proud to walk around in. Go wild and style up your life with your old jeans instead of disposing them.....

The End

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Vaishnavi RameshVaishnavi Ramesh
Stop throwing away those old jeans.You'd be amazed what you can do with worn out jeans..