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D.i.y. Ideas For Children


There are perhaps few better and more productive ways of spending time with children than by doing hands-on activities with them. Such activities are not just fun but also develop their creative skills. ‘Do-it-yourself’ or DIY activities have become a popular trend in the last few years. And the Internet is full of resources to give you ideas for DIY crafts and creative activities for kids. These art and craft ideas can either be replicated or can open up new lines of thought. After all, creativity knows no bounds!

The joy of holding in her hands something she has created herself is an incomparable one for your child. By doing such activities, not only will your child spend her time gainfully but also pick up many useful skills. This will make her gain confidence and open up the channels for innovative thinking and resourcefulness, assets in any profession today.

In our ClipBook, you will find a collection of interesting DIY ideas. From best-out-of-waste ideas such as bottle lamps and vegetable prints to using fresh material from the market to create wonders, you will find different kinds of craft ideas here. And then there are also those which involve a bit of science. So go on, take inspiration and make all of them and more.


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