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Diwali Stories To Share With Your Child

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Diwali is probably the grandest of Hindu festivals. But then, it would be a misnomer to say that it is just a Hindu fesitival. It holds special significance for Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs as well. Even Christians and Muslims in India partake in the festivities, making this a festival that the whole nation celebrates as one. 

And, while lighting crackers, eating sweets and giving gifts are all a part of the celebrations, this festival is also deeply rooted in legends. The most popular story associated with Diwali is that of Lord Rama returning triumphant to Ayodhya with his beloved wife Sita. 

However, this isn't the only story. Diwali also represents the return of the Pandavas from the exile, the day Bhagwan Mahavir gained enlightenment, the day when the foundation stone for the Golden temple was laid. 

However, these are just a few. To know more about stories associated with Diwali, swipe through the clips of the ClipBook.


Death Of Narakasura

Narak Chaturdasi is celebrated a day before Diwali. This day marks the death of Narakasura—a powerful demon who terrorised the inhabitants of his kingdom as well as surrounding areas. He took thousands of women captive, imprisoned sages and even a...

The Story Of Lakshmi

Lakshmi Puja falls on amavasya, which is the third day of Diwali. It is believed to be the day of incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. According to legends, her incarnation was brought about by the churning of the oceans by the gods and demons...

Return Of Pandavas From Exile

Kartik amavasya marks the return of the Pandavas after spending 13 years in exile. The Pandavas had been forced into exile after Yudhishtra lost that fateful game of dice. However, they returned during Diwali to much acclaim and went on to regain ...

The Sikh Celebration

Like with Jainism, Diwali also holds a special place in Sikhism. It was on the day of Diwali, in 1577, that the foundation stone of the Golden temple was laid. The Mughal emperor Jahangir had imprisoned the Sikh Guru Harigobind Singh. But he relea...

Ascent Of Mahavira

For followers of Jainism, Diwali marks the anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir's attainment of Moksha. Diwali holds a special significance in Jainism and the day after Diwali is the beginning of the Jain New Year...

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Attains Enlightenment

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati was a radical religious leader who sought to reform Hinduism. He established the Arya Samaj and fought against practices such as the caste system and idol worship. It is believed that the day of Diwali marked a turning...

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