Divorced Parenting

Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce: Julie Hanks Lcsw On Ksl Tv's Studio 5

Cooperation and communication between divorced parents are crucial to a child's well-being. It's often difficult for ex-spouses to transition from intimate partners ...

Parental Divorce And The Well-Being Of Children: A Meta-Analysis.

Meta-analysis involved 92 studies that compared children living in divorced single-parent families with children living in continuously intact families on measures of well-being. Children of divorce scored lower than children in intact families ac...

Co-Parenting Tips For Happy, Healthy Kids

While divorce can be an emotional time for you and your soon-to-ex, this is also a pivotal moment for you as parents. Co-parenting is rarely easy, but it is ...

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Divorced Parenting

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This clipbook deals with the ideology of how divorced parents can take care of their children in an effective manner.