Diseases And Vaccinations For Kids

Vaccines: Vpd-Vac/Childhood Vpd

In our mobile society, over a million people each day people travel to and from other countries, where many vaccine-preventable diseases remain relatively common. Without vaccines, epidemics of many preventable diseases could return, resulting in ...

Childhood Diseases And Their Vaccinations

Find out the compulsory and optional vaccines and the diseases that they protect your child against.

Vaccine Preventable Childhood Diseases

The varicella virus usually causes a rash, itching, tiredness and fever. It can lead to pneumonia, brain infection or death. Complications occur most often in very young children, adults or people with damaged immune systems. Tetanus is caused by ...

:: Vaccinate Your Baby : History Of Disease Eradication ::

Designed to be online and interactive, Every Child By Two's includes important information on vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them. Each disease page also contains an interesting fact and graphic about the disease. Th...

The Harm Of Skipping Vaccinations Or Delaying

There are many reasons parents give for delaying a vaccination, from "My baby cries when she gets the shot," to "My child is too young to get so many vaccines." More important than all of these excuses is one simple fact: A child's immune system i...

Diphtheria — Timelines — History Of Vaccines

Diphtheria once was a major cause of illness and death among children. The United States recorded 206,000 cases of diphtheria in 1921, resulting in 15,520 deaths. Diphtheria death rates range from about 20% for those under age five and over age 40...

Vaccines & Auto-Immune Diseases - Dr. Russell Blaylock

On this August 18th 2009 edition of the Alex Jones show Alex welcomes back Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. Dr. Blaylock talks more about the vaccine controversy ...

Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate

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Anti-Vaxxers Are Putting Way Too Many Kids At Risk

In 2014 there were over 600 cases of measles reported in the US – the highest number since 1994. According to the CDC

Protect Your Child Against Vaccines!

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How To Opt-Out Of Forced Vaccinations

Well, get your book bags packed and your shoes tied tight. It

Frontline | The Vaccine War | Pbs

http://www.pbs.org/specials/depth-vaccines/ Examining the emotionally charged debate over medical risks versus benefits and a parent

Inside The Vaccine War: Measles Outbreak Rekindles Public Health Debate (1/3)

http://democracynow.org - The federal government has confirmed more than 100 people across 14 states have now developed measles. Public health officials ...

Decline In Vaccinations Leads To Reappearance Of Some Diseases

Some diseases are reappearing partly due to parents choosing to opt out of vaccines for children. Subscribe to WLKY on YouTube for more: ...

Vaccination Photos--Images Of Infants, Children, Teens, And Adults Getting Vaccinated

Download these images for use in lectures and presentations. Educate staff and patients about vaccination and its importance. Copyright Information: The majority of images in this photo section are in the public domain and can be reproduced freely...

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Diseases And Vaccinations For Kids

Dolly Preethi MartinaDolly Preethi Martina
It is important as a parent to be aware of the various vaccinations your child will receive at different stages of his growth.