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Disability & Sexuality


People with disabilities are also sexual and have the ability to have sexual urges and sexual experiences.

According to In Plainspeak, “The question of addressing the need for sexuality education for children and young people in our country is itself intimidating to parents and educators alike.” Your differently-abled child needs to know that it is perfectly natural for her to fall in love, get married and have children. Being her parent means that you are her source of comfort and encouragement. This is a big responsibility. You will need to prioritise safety, know what to teach her, know how to teach her and think of creating safe opportunities for exploration. Like all people, your daughter can lead a sexually fulfilling life. If her brain is intact she will have healthy thoughts of sex. Dating and marriage are possible for her with sustained support systems. Unfortunately, schools and parents often ignore the sexual needs of disabled children.

Be it on screen or in real life, we are opposed to what PWDs really are. We hesitate to talk about topics such as menstruation, sex, etc., in relation to them. Medical practice itself is seldom equipped to deal with these matters on the same platform as other patients. Often a PWD ends up without having a romantic relationship in her life.

This ClipBook narrates the true stories of four young differently abled women living in India, opening our eyes to their ideas of beauty, body, sexuality and ability. Another story is of PWDs who found love in a hospital in Udaipur. It also answers questions such as how do sex workers feature in the lives of PWDs? What about sex workers with disabilities? What are ‘Scarlet Road’ and ‘Accsex’? How are PWDs treated in Africa’s HIV services?

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Sexless In The City (For No Fault Of Mine)

If a woman likes a man, she seduces him with her charm, wit and humour. This, I have seen, works. Well, almost. Because it had never worked with me. <br>After all, women on wheelchairs are not allowed to fantasize about sex.

The Editorial: Disability And Sexuality

What can persons with disability do and not do? Can they have sex? Should they have sex?

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For years the need of disabled people for sex and relationship education has been ignored. Campaigners want this sweep-it-under-the-carpet attitude to change

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Sexual And Reproductive Rights Of Women With Disabilities: The Long Road Ahead

The women’s movement has always maintained that marriage and motherhood are overvalued notions and women all over the world have fought for the right to remain single, to say no to motherhood as well as to seek an abortion. Unfortunately women wit...

Bridging The Gap: Ideas For A More Inclusive Sexuality Education Programme

The question of addressing the need for sexuality education for children and young people in our country is itself intimidating to parents and educators alike. <br>We still remember the time from our own childhood and teens when the teacher conven...

Interview: Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal is a gender and disability rights activist from Mumbai, India.

Interview: Dr Shanti Auluck

Muskaan , established in 1982, is a voluntary organisation of parents and professionals that has grown into one of New Delhi’s premier institutes providing comprehensive education, vocational training and work opportunities to young adults who are...

The Editorial: Body And Sexuality

In one sense, the body is what I immediately am. In another sense, I am separated from it by the infinite density of the world.<br> - Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness.

On Feminism, Sexuality And Disability

What is psychosocial disability? It is a term increasingly being used by professionals, carers and activists in the field of mental health to describe disability experienced by persons as a result of their mental health conditions, leading to rest...

Disability And Sexuality Resources

I have been doing some research on sex and disability, and thought I would share some of the links I have found. This will be useful for me in the future as a resource, and hopefully to others too.

Love Will Find A Way: The Story Of Six Differently Abled Couples Who Never Thought They’D Find Love

Six young men and women, all afflicted by polio, had never thought they would fall in love. Till they met at a hospital in Udaipur.

Unraveling The Myth: People With Disabilities Do It Too

‘People say, someone who has a disability should not indulge in sex,’ Inocente, a blind man in his 40s, told a Human Rights Watch researcher in Zambia.

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