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Different Ways To Reduce Stress


Stress is the way our body reacts to difficult situations. We can respond in various ways. Some people do it physically, some react mentally and emotionally.

Stress is not good for overall health and well-being. You will be surprised to know that even children get stressed out. During exam time especially, children feel burdened with loads of studies. Too much stress can affect their performance in studies too.

Even working moms are susceptible to stress and anxiety. It is but natural to feel stressed out and overwhelmed when you take care of multiple things. 

If you think through it, stress can be managed, if not eliminated completely. Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to know about ways to manage stress in children and in adults.


Importance Of De-Stressing Your Child

It is vital to reduce stress in children. Meditating, staying positive, eating healthy, sleeping well and regular exercises are some ways that help children relieve stress. Read on to know more.

Is Stress Causing Hair Fall In Kids?

Hair fall is rare in children. Apart from factors like poor nutrition or illness, did you know that stress can also play a part in hair fall?

5 Practical Strategies To Bust Examination Stress

Examination time can be very stressful for students. Read on to know how to reduce exam stress with strategic studying methods.

How To Deal With Childhood Stress?

Looking for ways to overcome stress in children? Read on to know about expert strategies for both parents and children to help cope with stress.

10 Tips To Help Your Child Manage Stress

“Pressure and stress is the common cold of the psyche,” said the Australian comedian Andrew Denton. Not only adults, but also children suffer from stress. Here is how to help your child manage stress.

Yoga Is Ideal To Beat Stress And Relax

Today, children spend a majority of their time engrossed with smartphones, TV, computer and other gadgets. This can adversely affect their health. Encourage your child to practise yoga to stay healthy.

Top Stress Relief Tips For Working Moms

Working moms often face stress. Stress can lead to slowed productivity and feelings of guilt. Read on for some great stress-relief tips for working moms.

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