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Different Types Of Breakfast Ideas


We all know the importance of breakfast for us and our kids. However, mornings are mostly rushed for working parents. Most of the mornings, you are left thinking hard what to prepare for the family and what to pack for your kids’ lunch boxes.

That is why meal planning comes to your rescue. Plan what to cook in the morning the night before. To help you with that, we have curated a ClipBook with loads of breakfast recipes. We have high-energy recipes you can give your child who is preparing for his exam. Check out the healthy and whole-wheat recipes if you want to make your breakfast healthy.

Go through the pages of the ClipBook to decide and plan your breakfast menu. The best part is that most of the ingredients listed in these recipes are easily available and recipes listed also do not need expert cooking skill. So, try our easy-to-do breakfast recipes and watch how your kids come running to the table to devour these. 


Say 'Hello' To Breakfast Every Day

Someone rightly said, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper." Well, this quote may be most relevant for us adults, but the first part of it holds very good for children too.Do not let your child skip his breakfast ...

Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

Is your toddler a picky and a fussy eater? Do you have trouble making something that he will like and not avoid? These 7 breakfast ideas might just be the answer to your problem.

Breakfast For Exam Time

Searching for breakfast recipes that will keep your child's energy high throughout the day? Look no further. Here are a few high-energy breakfast recipes that you can quickly whip up.

Indian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Here are six delectable dishes — a winning combo of nutrition and taste — created by Chef Mohit Chotrani for your kids. Make mornings mouth-watering!

7 Breakfast Ideas Within 7 Minutes

It takes seven minutes to whip up these dishes and only five to polish off an entire plate of the delectable morning meals. Research says that breakfast should never be skipped. A heavy and healthy breakfast gives you essential energy to brave the...

Indian Traditional Breakfast Ideas

Do your children eat a boring sandwich or a bowl of cereal every morning? Try serving them traditional and nutritious breakfasts once in a while. Chef Naved Patel has some delicious recipes for you!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Feed your child healthy breakfast and she will have an energetic and happy day. Here's what needs to go into an ideal breakfast. The word breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’ between the previous day’s dinner and the meal eaten next day (...

5 Healthy Wholewheat Breakfast Recipes

Want to lure your kids away from cakes and doughnuts made with refined flour? Try these delicious wholegrain recipes that give a twist to traditional ingredients and will appeal to the whole family.

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