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Developing Team Spirit In Children

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Team spirit is essential for your little prince to find success in any field of work or study today. Teamwork reduces the amount of work each person in the team has to do. Simultaneously, it increases the quantity and quality of the results.

How to develop team spirit in your child? Your child will pick up team spirit and collaboration skills on the playground first. His ability to be a part of a team shows that he can work towards a common goal. It also makes him more likeable and trusted. His ability to contribute to a group’s dynamics increases his social scope.

Your child especially benefits from teamwork because it draws her out of being self-absorbed or immersed in her own world. In college, evaluations are not based solely on exams. They include group projects and group presentations where team spirit is put to the test. 

“In a group, a few members may be highly involved, a few others may be less involved and play supporting roles, yet others may be just observers. An important purpose of assigning group projects is to help and motivate shy individuals overcome their inhibitions and interact with and learn from each other,” quotes an article in The Hindu dated 13 April 2015, stressing the importance of team spirit in group projects in colleges. So, developing a spirit of teamwork early on will stand your child in good stead for the future.

Sometimes your child may not be able to achieve success working in collaboration with a group of peers. It doesn’t matter as the real achievement is to be able to get along with others and work in cohesion.

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