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Developing Self-esteem In Children

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“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” – Maxwell Maltz

Why is healthy self-esteem so crucial for children?

When children feel good about themselves, they try their best to succeed in everything they do. Children with a healthy sense of self-esteem are willing to take up new challenges and cope well with mistakes and failures. Children who feel positive are more sure of themselves. On the other hand, children suffering from low self-esteem are often withdrawn and unsure of themselves.

According to an article titled ‘Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem‘ in kidshealth.org, “When children feel good about themselves, it sets them up for success — in everything from school to friendships.”

How children feel about themselves is very important to their future. Therefore, it is essential that parents develop positive feelings in their children. But for most parents, nurturing their children’s self-esteem seems like a daunting task.

According to an article titled ‘11 ways to help your kid build self-esteem’ written by Randi Chapnik Myers in todaysparent.com, “Self-esteem comes from feeling loved and secure and from developing competence.”

In one of its articles, parents.com has listed some simple ways to boost children’s self-esteem, which include: giving children choices so they feel empowered, being patient and letting your child do things for herself, explaining that nobody is perfect, not indulging in insincere praise, not drawing comparisons between your children and many more.

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