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Developing Responsibility In Children


“With freedom comes responsibility.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

The one trait that you absolutely want your little prince to have is the sense of responsibility. Responsibility cannot be taught as a bunch of do’s and don’ts. It is not helpful if you simply aim at certain goals that you think your little prince needs to achieve. “If, instead, you focus on helping your child take charge of his life, and support him as necessary to learn each new skill, your child wants to step into each new responsibility. Instead of your ‘holding him responsible,’ he becomes motivated to take responsibility for himself,” says

Look for ways to create opportunities for your son to be responsible. Chores at home are the best way to start. Schools also present chores that help inculcate this quality in him. If your son is a school-goer, he has already been introduced to being responsible for the environment and for himself.

Your primary task as a parent is to equip him for the future. His ability to be a responsible man should be in perspective as you parent him. If you love your teenager to the point that all you want is for him to be happy, he may never learn to be responsible.

What does it mean to be a responsible child? What is social responsibility? How can you teach your son to be responsible for his actions? Why won’t nagging and lecturing work in teaching him responsibility?

You’ll find the answers to these questions tucked away in this ClipBook designed to help you raise a responsible child.

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