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Destination Delhi


“I asked my soul: What is Delhi?

She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life!’

- Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, an Urdu poet

New Delhi is much more than just the city of Red Fort and Qutb Minar. With vibrant colours everywhere and an energetic buzz in the air, the city is abound with many interesting adventures.

Delhi is dotted by ancient monuments, mosques and forts. No doubt, they're mesmerizing, must-visit places. From markets to food joints, this city has everything. An article in about travel says, “The vibrant atmosphere of Delhi markets can make shopping lots of fun. In fact, Delhi has the best markets in India, selling a huge array of items including handicrafts from all over the country. The top markets in Delhi are a treasure trove of goods waiting to be discovered.”

If these aspects of the city don’t lure you, then its rich legacy should. The historical richness of this city is paralleled by none another. “Delhi, the capital of India has a strong historical background. It was ruled by some of the most powerful emperors in Indian history…The history of the city is as old as the epic Mahabharata. From Hindu Kings to Muslim Sultans, the reins of the city kept shifting from one ruler to another. The soils of the city smell of blood, sacrifices and love for the nation,” says the website for Delhi Tourism.

Also, with an enviable number of parks, amazing architecture, art and culture, as capitals go, Delhi rules in terms of kid-friendliness. So, if you are planning to take a vacation with your family, why not pay a visit to the capital city?

Read through this ClipBook to know more of exotic locations to visit and enthralling things to do in Delhi.


Unique Things About Delhi

Built on the banks of the Yamuna river, the city of Delhi is home to fascinating culture, history and heritage. Apart from the various monuments that are found, there are some unique things about Delhi. Read on to know what they are...

Delhi For Kids!

The fifteen-year-old Kat-Katha Puppet Arts Trust run by Anurupa Roy is one of Delhi’s hidden gems. Their performances range from Shakespearean comedies to more contemporary themes.

Delhi's Rich History

In 1192, the legions of the Afghan warrior Muhammad of Ghori captured the Rajput town, and the Delhi Sultanate was established (1206). The invasion of Delhi by Timur in 1398 put an end to the sultanate. The Lodis, the last of the Delhi sultans, ga...

Qutub Minar

The Qutab Minar is a soaring, 73 m-high tower of victory, built in 1193 by Qutab-ud-din Aibak immediately after the defeat of Delhi's last Hindu kingdom.

Red Fort

In 1638, Shahjahan transferred his capital from Agra to Delhi and laid the foundations of Shahjahanabad, the seventh city of Delhi. It was enclosed by a rubble stone wall, with bastions, gates and wickets at intervals. Of its fourteen gates, the i...

What Not To Do In Delhi!

Do not call anyone “bhaiya”. Many have learnt this the hard way my friends, believe me. Calling anyone “bhaiya” with the exception of maybe autowalas, will cause a reaction so bad, you’ll be reeling from its ill effects for hours. This is just one...

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