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Deo’s Coaching Classes – Aspiring For The Best


It is common practice for a large percentage of students to attend supplementary tuition classes as they move to high school, especially for maths and science. Students see this as a means to improve their academic performance with a better chance of scoring high marks in exams – particularly the common board exams in classes 10 and 12 and the common entrance exams that are held across the country for professional courses such as Medicine and Engineering. For instance, a vast majority of students enrol in coaching centres as they aspire for admission to the IITs. And, keeping in mind students’ aspiration of scoring high marks, coaching centres provide expert tutoring and specially prepared study material.

Deo’s Coaching Classes, located on Senapati Bapt Road, Pune, is one such coaching centre that has become popular with students looking to better their academic performance. Established in 1995 by Mr Kedar Deo, this institute has become a popular choice for Maths and Science tutoring. If you are looking for suitable coaching classes for your child, this Clipbook will give you further details and information about the academy.


Guiding Students For Over 25 Years

Deo’s Coaching Classes offer tutoring in Maths and Science from Class 8 to Class 12, and for common entrance exams as well.

Committed Faculty

Dedicated and experienced faculty guide the students in the learning process. Their teaching methods help lay a strong foundation and ensure that the students are first thorough with the basics concepts before moving forward.

Classes At Deo's

Before enrolling in classes at Deo’s, students are advised to attend demo sessions for a week. If they are satisfied with the teaching methods, faculty and other facilities at the institute, they can sign up for the regular classes.

Online Classes

Classes are scheduled at suitable timings on both weekdays and weekends. At present, the academy is conducting online classes as well.

Batch Strength At Deo's

Each batch accommodates not more than 20 students to ensure individual attention is provided.

Continuous Evaluation

The faculty organise periodic one-on-one sessions for students to clear doubts and address any difficulties they might be facing. In addition, regular tests and assessments are also conducted to evaluate student’s progress and performance.

Profile Of Mr Kedar Deo

Mr Kedar Deo is a popular teacher among the students. A mechanical engineer by profession, he quit his managerial position at a leading corporate firm to follow his passion for teaching. For the past 25 years, he has been teaching Maths at the ins...

Effective Teaching Methodology

Mr Deo's classes have gained popularity owing to his methodical way of teaching. Both Mr Deo and the rest of the faculty at the institute are known for their simple teaching approach and methodologies.

Thorough In The Basics

They ensure that students are first entirely thorough with all the basics so that they can then easily grasp more complex and difficult theories or topics. Students vouch that this study plan definitely makes for easier and effective learning.

Track Record

Deo’s Coaching Classes boast of a high success rate with their students scoring top marks in both regular school and board exams over the last 24 years. In fact, several ex-students of the academy are now placed in top organisations.

A Boost To Students' Confidence

While the centre’s main objective is to ensure academic success, students are also guaranteed a boost in confidence levels, which improves their performance altogether and encourages them to aspire for the best.

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