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Dental Care Tips For Children


Do you know that the importance of oral hygiene in children should never be underestimated, for lack of proper dental care can result in a host of problems for your child?

A child who learns to take care of his teeth early in life will have to deal with less dental problems later on. Several factors such as improper brushing methods, lack of regular brushing and a poor diet can lead to various dental issues such as cavities, tooth decay, gum infections and gingivitis. However, these problems can be kept at bay with regular brushing, flossing, visits to the dentist and by ensuring proper intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Dr. Michael Apa, one of New York’s leading cosmetic surgeons is a staunch advocate of regular brushing and flossing and visiting one’s dentist every four months.

According to WebMD, taking care of your child's teeth is an important part of taking care of his overall health. Cavities and tooth or gum infections can lead to more serious health problems if ignored. Experts recommend that your child's dental care starts at 12 months of age, or when his first tooth appears. As your child gets older, he should have his teeth professionally examined and cleaned by a dentist every 6 months.

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