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Delicious Ways To Enjoy Yogurt


“You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy frozen yogurt. And that is kind of the same thing,” is a fun quote you can tell yourself when you are splurging on packed yogurt or seeing your kid gorge on this delicious dessert.

This yummy delicacy doesn’t just spoon your child with its tastiness, but also helps you fix a quick meal, if your child gets hungry at odd times. Not just that, yogurt can also be the perfect dessert-y end to any meal of your kid’s day. And with the various yogurt flavours available now, your kid can never get bored of eating it.

If the taste and convenience factors are not sufficient enough, there are many health benefits attached to yogurt too. “Yogurt is an excellent source of protein with a high quality score, linked to high digestibility and richness in essential amino acids. Recent studies also suggest that yogurt could play a valuable role on health,” says an article in Yogurt in Nutrition.

By definition, yogurt is a semi-solid sourish food prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria. The bacteria plays a vital role in aiding digestion and has many other beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal health.

To sum up, yogurt can be the prefect healthy snack that your child might need. Have a look at our ClipBook for inputs on delicious new ways to enjoy yogurt.


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