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Decoding Teen Drug Addiction



Teenage Substance Abuse

By their senior year, 21 percent had tried an illicit drug other than marijuana, and just 7.6 percent used illicit drugs other than marijuana in the past 30 days. That means almost 80 percent of teens avoided hard drugs throughout high school, and...

Drug Addiction

Illicit drug use has been on the rise since 2002. According to a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health report, 10.2 percent of the American population were past month users of illicit drugs, with marijuana and prescription opioid misuse lea...

Teen Drug Abuse - Signs Of Teenage Drug Use

Teens who abuse drugs may have a greater risk of developing an addiction when they are adults. It’s important to know the difference between drug abuse and addiction. Many teens experiment with drugs, but aren’t addicted. Recognition and prevent...

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