Debunking Baby Care Myths

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Know your baby facts? Can you tell fact from fiction? Take a look at these 10 baby myths revealed at Babble!

Myths About Good Parenting | Purplecrying.Info

1. Being a good parent means sacrificing your needs for the child. False – Children need to see a balance of caring for others and for themselves.

Four Myths About Babies And Sleep

What every parent needs to know about how they can help -- and hinder -- their baby's sleep skills.

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Postpartum Doula Kathleen Sullivan discusses some of the most common myths new moms have regarding their newborn babies. Read her newborn tips here!

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Welcome to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services WIC program.

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Similar to many children’s medical problems, there are a number of myths about the treatment and causes of infant colic. Once you’ve determined your baby has…

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You can't spoil a baby by holding him too much and other helpful tips related to baby myths.

Sleeping In A Dark Room, Comfort Burping And Developing A Sleep Pattern For Your Baby Are Just Some Of The 6 Myths Busted By Top Gp And Infant Expert About Caring For Newborns | Daily Mail Online

Infant health expert Dr Pamela Douglas debunks the myths that are believed to make for content newborns including burping, sleeping in a quiet, dark room and getting your baby into a sleep routine.

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Debunking Baby Care Myths

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One unexpected appendage of becoming a parent is the endless advice offered by friends, family and everyone else. We bust the myths!