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Dealing With Teenager's Tantrums


Teenage and tantrums go hand-in-hand. You just cannot separate them. Teenage is a phase of rebellion and mood swings. There are many changes happening at the physical, mental and hormonal levels, that it can get difficult for kids to cope. Hence, at times, their emotions are expressed in the form of tantrums.

In The biology behind teens’ temper tantrums, published in Seattle Times, psychologist David Walsh, author of Why Do They Act That Way? explains that teen tantrums are existent mainly because the prefrontal cortex of the brain is still under construction at this age. He states, “The prefrontal cortex is supposed to harness the accelerator center of the brain, but the impulse-control center is under construction. This is the reason teens are impulsive, risk-taking, quick to anger. The acceleration center of the brain is in high gear, while the brakes are on back order.”

In such cases, talking to your teen is the best way to calm her down and make her understand things. Sometimes, a one-on-one conversation can have a lasting effect. Remember to never resort to anger while dealing with your teen as it will only make matters worse.

To know more about how you can deal with your tantrum-throwing teenager, refer to the ClipBook below.


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