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Dealing With Teen Depression


When your children are young, you are there to guide them and console them always. However, the teenage years are a different phase as your teen undergoes many changes – both physical and emotional.

Since teens face a lot of pressure during this period - from the changes of puberty to questions on one’s identity - they may even slip into depression. Many parents may confuse this attitude with moodiness but depression is a serious health problem that can impact every aspect of a teen’s life.

A teen with depression may show certain signs such as sadness, restlessness, anger, frequent crying, lack of energy, poor performance in school, difficulty in concentrating, suicidal thoughts, changes in eating habits and feelings of worthlessness and guilt.

According to an article published in, parents can help by learning the warning signs and knowing when and how to take action.

Parents can try to deal with teen depression by doing the following:

  • Setting aside time each day to talk and listen to your teen and let her know that you are always there to help.
  • Praising your teen for specific behaviours and accomplishments to help boost his confidence.
  • Encouraging your teen to eat well, exercise regularly and sleep adequately, that can improve his overall mood.
  • Taking out time for your teen’s interests.

Remember, depression in teens is a problem that should not be ignored. Do not wait for the symptoms to go away by themselves. If you have the heart to help your teen, solution is just around the corner. To know more, please flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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