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Dealing With Stubborn Kids


Stubbornness is a part of every child’s behaviour. For most children, it is just a passing phase, but for some, stubbornness becomes a part of their behaviour.

Understanding the reason behind a child’s stubbornness is the primary step towards dealing with it. According to the article ‘Dealing With a Stubborn Child’, published in, “sometimes, this stubbornness is part of the child’s personality that the parents need to manage. In other cases, stubbornness is the child’s way of testing the boundaries and asserting their freedom on doing or not doing something.”

Although there are several reasons why children act in a stubborn way, one of them is is a lack of communication between the parent and the child. According to Sagari Gongala’s article, ‘Ten Ways To Deal With A Stubborn Child’, published in, “Most of the times, when your child insists on doing or not doing something, listening to them and having an open conversation about what’s bothering them can do the trick.”

Stubbornness is not a behavioural abnormality, but something that is learned by the child over a course of time. Once parents understand the reason behind their child’s stubborn behaviour, they can come up with strategies to deal with it. 

But stubbornness may not always be a bad sign. It can be a child’s way of asserting himself and expressing his choices.

With proper knowledge and understanding of stubborn behaviour, parents can learn how to deal with such behaviour in their children. Flip through this ClipBook for more insight on stubbornness and suggestions on how to deal with it.


Dealing With Stubborn Kids

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