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Dealing With Lazy Teenagers


'I'd be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I'd been given. I'd be more frightened by procrastination and laziness' - Denzel Washington

Being a parent to a teen is a difficult task in itself; and when the teen is lazy, the difficulty increases manifold. Most teenage children are lazy and inattentive during the crucial years and exasperate their parents with their laziness.

But why are some teenagers lazier than others? Is it part of their genetic make-up? Or, is the laziness due to an underlying cause that can be corrected with a little help? Let us examine this in more detail. says apparent laziness in teenagers can be a result of depression, watching too much television or playing excessive video games. This can also lead to frustration in the parents as laziness often leads to obesity and other health issues in the teen.

So, what can parents do to deal with this 'lazy' situation? For starters, parents must consider placing limits on things like TV time, Internet surfing and video games. They should give household chores to the children that will not only force them to be active but also teach them about individual responsibility and diligence.

Want to know more on how to make your lazy teenager get up from the couch and engage in some meaningful activity?

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