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Dealing With Kids Who Don't Like Sports


Your little prince may not like to play football or basketball or cricket or any other team sport. Yet, he needs the exercise and the experience of working as a team. What do you do?

Don’t panic. It might come as a surprise to you that Andre Agassi, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Ellana Delle Donne and Chris Kluwe, all renowned sports persons, never liked playing sports as children.

Maybe your child is not fully aware of how the sport is played. How can you help him in this situation? Your darling may have had a bad experience at sports. He may have been bullied or teased for losing a point. How can such problems be managed? It could also be a matter of finding out what sport is best for your child. “You'll need to be patient if your child has difficulty choosing and sticking to an activity. It often takes several tries before kids find one that feels like the right fit,” says the Nemours Foundation.

Parents often find themselves coaxing their children to play sports as they don’t enjoy playing it. How can you help your child enjoy sports more? Is it not enjoyable for them because there is too much competition in the environment? Furthermore, your child may not like team sports but might like individual sports. There are several options outside team sports for fitness.

Sports may not be on your child’s mind because he is simply not a natural athlete. This is perfectly normal. Being a loving parent, your actions will be most beneficial if you keep your expectations realistic.

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