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Dealing With Croup In Children



Croup And Your Young Child

Croup is a common illness in young children. It can be scary for parents as well as children. Read on for more information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about croup, including the types, causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Symptoms And Treatment

Your child will usually have symptoms of a cold before the onset of croup, including a runny nose, sore throat, fever and irritability. He then develops a harsh, barking cough, sometimes a hoarse voice, and then noisy breathing.

How To Deal With Croup At Home

Croup often runs its course within three to five days. In the meantime, keep your child comfortable with a few simple measures. Your child's cough may improve during the day, but don't be surprised if it returns at night.

Diet A Child With Croup Should Follow

A child with severe croup can't eat at all and needs hospitalisation. If your child has mild croup, it's important to keep her hydrated at all times.

Croup: When Your Child Needs Hospital Care

Most cases of croup can be treated successfully at home. However, children with severe cases of croup may need to be treated in the hospital.

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