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Dealing With Children Who Lie


As children, we were taught to be honest and not to lie. But sometimes, we all end up in situations where we need to choose between telling the truth and lying. In such circumstances, to prevent the situation from worsening further or getting out of hand, many of us may choose to lie. But, when we do so before our children, they may also pick up the habit of lying. And, if the tendency to lie is not corrected early on, children can grow up to become habitual ‘liars’.

Marie Hartwell-Walker in her article published in PsychCentral says, “Kids aren’t born with a moral code. It’s something they have to figure out. They watch us adults constantly to see what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to negotiate their world. The need for truth telling and the ability to understand the concept of lying are things that kids learn as they grow.”

So, when children watch adults telling lies, they also develop the habit, because they lack the ability to differentiate a truth from a lie, or a white lie. But, as parents, it is our duty to set them on the right path. However, an important point that parents must remember is that they should not punish their children when they catch them lying. According to an article by Mehera Bonner, published in Time, punishing children for lying can lead them to lie more often.

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