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Dealing With Childhood Depression



Is Your Child Depressed?

Lots of people think depression only affects adults. But children and teenagers can become depressed as well. The problem for parents is that depression in children can be difficult to spot.

What Causes Depression In Children?

Depression in children is caused by a combination of three things: genetics, what is happening in a person's life, and what is going on in their body. Usually, more than one factor is present in a child. For a child to get depressed, there must ei...

Symptoms And Common Types Of Child Depression

Childhood depression is different from the normal "blues" and everyday emotions that occur as a child develops. Just because a child seems sad doesn't necessarily mean he or she has significant depression.

6 Things To Know About Child Depression

Depression isn't normally an illness that we associate with kids, but it should be, says Robert L. Hendren, D.O., past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). Here are 6 little-known facts about childhood depr...

Child Depression: What Should Parents Do?

If your child is taking an antidepressant, don't stop or make changes abruptly," says psychiatrist David Fassler, MD, of the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Talk to the child's psychiatrist, ask questions, get as much info as possible, ...

10 Ways To Help When Your Child Is Depressed

Being a parent is rewarding, but tough. One of the hardest things to deal with is your child’s pain. If your child is depressed, you probably are scared and feel helpless. There are some ways in which you can help your child, though.

Frequently Asked Questions: Depression In Children

Depression has no single cause. Both genetics and the environment play a role, and some children may be more likely to become depressed. Depression in children can be triggered by a medical illness, a stressful situation, or the loss of an importa...

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