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Dealing With A Bossy Child


Is your bossy child driving you crazy? Is your toddler domineering and overly-demanding? If yes then probably you can also relate to the following lines –

Author John Steinbeck, in his famous book East of Eden, wrote "“Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..”

Perhaps all parents can relate to this line. However, pushy and overbearing kids can make parenting even harder than it already is and more. This may require patience on your part as well as some clever parenting tips. And the truth is that you can’t ignore to correct this misbehaviour as your bossy child may grow up into an impossible adult with really bad and controlling behaviour. This, in turn, can adversely impact her personal and professional life. Your child’s bossiness may also drive away her friends and affect her social life.

However, there are ways to deal with a bossy kid that can yield positive results. Do not give into her demands or pay her attention when she acts in an authoritarian way towards you. Do not take her orders. Explain to her that if she wants to be heard, she may have to change her bossy ways. Offer her alternative ways to convey what she wants – through requests and not commands. Team sports and supervised playdates can also be effective means to help your child mend her high-handed behaviour. With some efforts, you can change your child’s tyrannical attitude into assertiveness and make her successful in life.

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Understanding Bossiness

Bossy behavior is very common among two and three-year-olds. Many toddlers want things done their way and on their timetable. It's cute (for about five minutes) but then bossiness becomes a major turn-off (for you — and for her playmates).

What To Do When Your Child Gets Bossy

Do an edit of your child's demand, tucking in the idea that their particular need is optional, and deleting the bossy tone: "So, you'd really like it if..." or "You'd prefer if ..." or, you can hand the microphone back to your child and say, "Can ...

Why Some Gifted Children Are Bossy And What To Do About It

No child is perfect and most parents know their child is no exception. One fairly common fault of gifted children is bossiness. This fault can be rather puzzling to parents when it exists in a child who is otherwise sensitive to the needs of others.

5 Mistakes Parents Make That Result In Bossy Children

Bossiness in children is on the rise and there are few things more frustrating to parents. Kids telling their parents (and others) what to do like they’re in charge can really push our buttons and cause problems for us and our children. Here are t...

How To Handle A Bossy Child

A bossy child is usually an assertive one, and assertiveness can be an asset as your child grows. Help your child, polish her communication skills and see all points of view, and that bossiness could turn into solid leadership skills.

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