Daycare Vs. Nanny

Daycare Vs. Nanny

Just like in the Elizabeth Stone quote, about how the decision to have a child and “decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” is “ momentous,” choosing where your heart will hang out Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 is a p...

Debate: Nanny V. Day Care

We’ve been talking a lot about child care recently. My editor, Jamie Heller, has always relied on either day care, full-time preschool/school or some other group-care setting outside of her home. My husband and I hired a nanny to take care of our ...

Daycare Vs. Nannycare: The Pros And Cons

Thank you so much for this article! I currently take my kids to daycare, but I really want to hire a nanny. It is more pricey but I'd rather have them be in the comfort of our own home. Thanks again for the information!

Hire A Nanny Or Send Your Child To Day Care?

Choosing whether to send your child to day care or hire a nanny is a tough decision to make -- both emotionally and financially. My husband and I recently struggled to decide which of these two care options would be best for our third child and fo...

Nanny Vs. Daycare: What's Best For Your Kid?

Choosing between hiring a nanny and enrolling your child in daycare doesn’t have to be stressful. The best approach is to be informed on the pros and cons of each. Only then can you make the best emotional and financial decision for you and your f...

Child Care Showdown: Nannies Vs. Family Care Vs. Day Care

Assuming you don't have doting relatives nearby who can baby-sit for free, your choices likely boil down to a nanny, family day care or a day care center.

Zero To Three: What I Learned In Day Care

Frank B. Denman Seattle, Washington Excerpted from the Zero to Three Journal . To browse other Zero to Three Journal articles or to subscribe, click here. Nanny v. Day Care Maddie was five a month ago. Laura just had her third birthday. When Jean ...

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Daycare Vs. Nanny

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Daycare vs. Nanny