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Dangers Of Bribing Your Child


Dangers of bribing your child

From offering your child a cookie if he starts crying to promising him a cycle if he comes at the top of his class, it is easy to induce your child with sweet bribes. But have you thought about the detriments of how providing a ‘reward’ could pose to your child’s behaviour?

Per an article in verywell, “The problem with a bribe is that kids are quite smart. It doesn't take them but a mere minute to figure out that a reward in the form of a treat or toy should be given EVERY time they go to the store with a parent. And that's the problem with this short-term discipline fix. In the end, the kid is controlling the parent by choosing whether to behave or not. As these kids get older, they may actually begin to demand rewards and with bigger price tags.”

But when your little one is throwing an uncontrollable tantrum or your teenage boy is notoriously misbehaving, how easy it is to thrust a toy in his hand or tempt him with extra pocket money, right? However, offering a materialistic award could only see short-term relief and might work toward your disadvantage in the future. Because, very soon, everything becomes a negotiation over money and materials. Instead, you could use experiences in place of gifts, suggests an article in Learnvest. “If you’re looking for a more extravagant but less monetary way to reward your child without spending, use experiences rather than gifts.”

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