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Dance Therapy And Its Benefits


Apart from being an art and a great way to lift spirits, dance also has therapeutic benefits on children. It has amazing healing effects at the emotional, physical and psychological levels. In fact, exposure to dance is known to have positive effects on many serious illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and depression. Because of its numerous beneficial effects, dance/movement therapy is gaining popularity these days. It is especially useful for children with special needs.

Psychology Today, in an article, explains what dance therapy is: “As a form of creative arts therapy, dance/movement therapy occurs within a therapeutic relationship with a credentialed therapist and uses the expressive elements of dance and movement as a method of assessment and intervention.”

Dance/movement therapy is beneficial in many ways for children with autism. It teaches them to express emotions, increases gross motor development, encourages creativity and so on. A lot of recent developments in this field have taken place, which comes as a boon to the parents of autistic children. In India, commendable effort has been made in the direction of dance/movement therapy by the Chennai-based organisation RASA. It was founded by Dr Ambika Kameshwar, a renowned danseuse and musician who has extensively studied the use of theatre, arts and music in helping children with special abilities.

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Dance/Movement Therapy And Counseling

Through play and the creative arts, it is often possible to access insight into the underlying feelings and beliefs and effect greater change.

Dancing Dialogue Psychotherapy

Dance/movement therapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that utilizes nonverbal movement observation, dance, music, play, multi-sensory and relaxation/meditative techniques for the assessment and intervention for all ages.

The Benefits Of Dance Therapy

Dance therapy is a healing approach that involves using dance and movement to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Like music therapy, dance therapy is thought to promote healing in part by encouraging self-expression.

The Physical And Psychic Benefits Of Dance Therapy

Using dance therapeutically to lift spirits or remove evil spirits has been followed since ages. Dance has been an important part of self-expression, ceremonial and religious events, and health in most cultures throughout history.

Dance Therapy And Autism

Families of those with autism are constantly seeking alternative ways to support their children and there are billions of research dollars spent to find the best method, the best approach, and the best way to help people with autism rise to their ...

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