Dakshinachitra Events For January 2017

Village Festival 2017

Tamilnadu folk performance by Suman of Salangai Kalai Kuzhu from Cuddalore: 28th Dec- 1st Jan 2017; Gaarudi Gombe performance by Krishna Gowda and troupe from Karnataka: 4th - 8th Jan 2017

Pongal Festival : 11th - 16th Jan 2017

Folk dance by Uma Rani of Kodangi Kalai Kuzhu from Srivilliputtur

Village Festival

Olakka dance by Madhu and Ranjith from Kerala: 18th - 22nd Jan 2017; Gussadi Dance by Linga Srininvas and troupe form Andhra pradesh: 25th- 29th Jan 2017

National Seminar : 6th & 7th Jan 2017

National Seminar on"Environment Consciousness in current Indian Art" - Exploration and initiative in art, architecture,heritage and community engagement.

Food And Garden Festival 15th & 16th Jan 2017

Organised by Friends of DakshinaChitra

Madhubani Workshop For Children : 7th Jan 2017

Fee: Rs. 800 For registration: 9841777779

Meenakari Work For Adults : 7th & 8th Jan 2017

Fee: Rs. 2000 For registration: 9841777779

Thappattam Workshop For Adults: 21st & 22nd Jan 2017

Fee: Rs.1000 For registration: 9841777779

Pyrography Workshop Fo Adults: 28th & 29th Jan 2017

Fee- Rs. 2000 With Warm Regards, For Registration: 9841777779

Exhibition Of Photographs By Parvathi Nayar : 6th - 31st Jan 2017

Exhibition of Photographs and videos by Parvathi Nayar- titled "Haunted by Waters". Varija Gallery

Exhibition Of Photographs : 6th - 31st Jan 2017

"Dissolution": Exhibition of paintings and photography by Neil Chowdhury ;Exhibition of photogrphs and videos by Veer Munshi. "Drishti Draupadi"- Exhibition of photographs by Deepak Srinivasan. Kadambari Gallery

Ceramic Wall Hanging/ Clock : 21st,22nd And 28th Jan 2017

Fee: Rs.3000 For registration : 9840672154

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Lifestyle - Culture/Heritage | 0-18 yrs

Dakshinachitra Events For January 2017

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Events and programs for January 2017