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D I Y: Toys From Trash

Arvind Gupta Toys

Schools and educationists stress on making children do a lot of hands-on activities that stimulate their imagination and creativity. Do-it-yourself (DIY) arts and crafts projects strengthen a child’s sense of logic as he learns more about dimensions, shapes and proportions. It also instils a sense of craftsmanship in him. Problem solving skills, motor skills and analytical skills are a few skills that your child can learn from engaging in DIY activities. These activities can also help him develop strong planning and organisational skills for the future.

Nowadays, different types of developmental learning materials are available in the market for DIY projects. However, it is not always feasible for you to keep buying materials for such activities, as budget can be a constraint. Instead, by using your creativity and imagination, you can encourage your child to make interesting toys from trash and junk, things that we usually throw into the bin. Simple materials like a coconut shell, an empty match box, a small piece of paper, ice cream sticks, etc., can all be easily used to make some creative toys. This way, by recycling objects and making them usable you will also be teaching your child the value of being environment-friendly and caring for our planet Earth.

To learn more about how to make DIY toys from trash, please flip through this ClipBook by our partner Arvind Gupta Toys.

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Exercising Card Man

This is an amazing dynamic toy made with very simple materials. As you hold the body with one hand and move the wooden stick up-down the model moves its arms up-down as if he is exercising.

Emotional Cup

This cup in motion shows all the different emotions of a boy and a girl. And the best part is that you can utilize the paper cups that we as a society trash in plenty every day.

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