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D-i-y Birthday Greeting Cards

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Birthdays are the most special and eventful days of the year. Birthday greeting cards have always been close to one’s heart since they have an emotional connect. Greeting card making is a popular craft that is known to fascinate children since it helps them explore their creative skills and also provide a very personal touch. It is also an activity that is known to positively influence their sensory coordination and cognitive development.

D-I-Y cards add a personal touch to a child’s wishes; They also let the world know about the child’s creativity. When done as a group, they are also a fun way to develop interpersonal skills by working as a team and discussing ideas. Most importantly, colors, patterns and designs that they use are known to develop sensory coordination in children.

There are endless styles to customize a card and make it reflect your craft, style and thoughts. Some of the popular D-I-Y birthday cards are those done using real flowers, vintage paper, cloth, flower-cuttings, handmade paper, abstract designs etc. These cards are quite unique in style, design and also bring across a fresh appeal than the usual readymade cards. Apart from teaching a craft to your child and helping with his overall growth & development and providing an opportunity to showcase his talent, D-I-Y Birthday cards are way cheaper than the readymade ones available in the market and save you some money.

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