Parenting - Behaviour | 0-18 yrs

Cycling Helps Build Confidence

Arundhati Swamy

A tricycle never fails to fascinate a child. An infant looks at it quizzically. A toddler's first instinct is to sit astride and push the feet against the ground, to move forward and feel the thrill of the movement. The next conquest is the regular cycle but with the trainer wheels. The real challenge comes when its time to remove them and learn to balance. While some children master the skill quite easily, there are others who take their time.

Cycling, in many ways, is akin to building confidence. Children need all the support to steady themselves and feel safe with people and in situations. When these supports fall short of their needs, they stay safe by avoiding risks and are extra cautious.  Much like the hesitant ones who resist giving up the trainer wheels, these emotionally sensitive children need extra large doses of encouragement. As they gradually find their balance, the sense of control and achievement boosts their confidence levels significantly. They are more willing to try new things and gain mastery over other skills as well.

Needless to say, the physical benefits are innumerable - muscle and bone development, flexibility, visual and lateral coordination, stamina building, and motor skills.  

Think of the bonding and fun that parents and children can have, learning  to cycle, being in the outdoors, enjoying a healthy and environment friendly activity together!

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