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Cyber Safety And Its Vocabulary

Intel Security Cybermum India

Children are bombarded with all kinds of information through the Internet these days and it is important for parents to provide access only to content that is suitable for their children. Both web and mobile devices have opened up new worlds by allowing communication, learning and interaction. But, like everything else, browsing the Internet also has a dark side. Accessing the Internet for information or interaction can expose children to dangers like identity theft, paedophiles and many more.

According to WebMD, the four most important dangers of the Internet for kids are - cyberbullying, sexual predators, pornography and damaged reputation, as what you upload online stays there forever. All the above dangers can impair the well-being of a child and cause psychological trauma. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your children how to use the Internet safely and avoid landing in trouble. You should also keep an eye on the kind of information your kids are browsing and whether they are disclosing any personal data online or are being cyberbullied. To do all this, you need to be aware of the cyber world and adapt to the web lingo. You can keep yourself updated by learning a few facts about Internet use. Not only will this help you bond better with your tech-savvy children but it will also provide you with tips to help them when they are in trouble.

Remember, you cannot avoid using technology or keep it away from your children. But before you introduce your children to technology, it is important to think what you can do to reduce the risks for your children and learn what to do if something does go wrong.

To learn more about cyber security and its vocabulary, please flip through the ClipBook by Intel Security CyberMum India.

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