Curd : May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Another Reason To Eat Curd Daily: It May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk - Ndtv Food

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Have Curd Daily To Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Intake of probiotics may help increase the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the breast and thus aid in preventing the risk of breast cancer. The findings showed that Lactobacillus and Streptococcus — considered to be health-promoting bacteria ...

Good Bacteria Could Prevent Breast Cancer, Study Says

Dr. Gregory Reid, the director of Canadian Centre For Human Microbiome and Probiotic Research Lawson Health Research Institute, published a study that reports the presence of a particular type of bacteria could prevent breast cancer. The researchi...

Risk Of Breast Cancer? Yoghurt, Milk Could Come To Your Rescue | Latest News & Updates At Daily News & Analysis

The study suggests that probiotic-rich dairy products may help protect women against breast cancer. Including probiotic-rich dairy products such as yoghurt and milk in diet may help protect women against breast cancer, a new study suggests. Bacter...

Women Who Have Bad Bacteria More Likely To Develop Breast Cancer

By Colin Fernandez Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Women with higher levels of ‘friendly’ bacteria are less likely to suffer from breast cancer, a study has found. But having more harmful bacteria in the breast – known to cause DNA damage...

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Curd : May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Another Reason to Eat Curd Daily: It May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk