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Cultivating Patience: How It Helps You And Your Children

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Patience is the ability to deal with difficult or undesirable circumstances in a calm manner.

Although parenting is an rewarding experience, there can be times when it can become extremely difficult to remain patient. This could happen when children throw a tantrum, perform poorly at school, mess up the house and so on.

However, it is necessary for parents to stay calm if they wish to have a positive impact on their children’s behaviour. When children observe that their parents stay calm and not lose patience, they also model the same behaviour. Children of patient parents are better able to handle stress and setbacks. Also, patience helps parents connect in a better way with their children and makes parents less prone to suffering from burnout.

So, is it possible to learn to be patient? Of course, yes. There are skills that individuals can learn to be more patient.

Flip through the pages of our ClipBook to learn about the importance of being a patient parent and how to be one.


What Is Patience?

To be patient is to learn how to wait, stay calm during times of stress and know when it is appropriate to act. Patience is an active choice wherein an individual decides to behave in a manner which is free from frustration or anger, irrespective ...

Importance Of Patience In Life

Patience is essential to lead a life which is free of frustration, anxiety and stress, some of the most troublesome feelings that we experience. Patience helps us transform ourselves by helping us develop a positive attitude and changing the way w...

Patience Is Power

Patience is power because it allows you to remain calm and free from stress in the midst of undesirable circumstances. Patience prevents you from feeling upset about circumstances that are beyond your control and empowers you to change the way you...

Patient Parents Raise Patient Children

According to the Social Learning Theory, children learn by observing others, especially their parents. Therefore, if a parent behaves patiently with their child, it is likely that the child will learn to behave in a similar manner. However, many p...

How To Become A Patient Parent

Every parent loses patience at some point — it’s a fact of life. However, with effort and practice, parents can learn to be patient and improve themselves over time. When something your child does annoys you, make an active choice to wait an eval...

How (And Why) To Be A More Patient Parent

With our super busy lifestyles, we are hard-pressed for time to share with our children and to take care of our own needs. This can create a lot of stress and make it difficult for us to stay patient. However, by slowing down our pace we can devel...

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