Craziest Things Toddlers Say

32 People Share The Funniest Thing They've Heard A Kid Say

A few months back my wife showed a picture of herself to our 3-year-old daughter. In the picture my wife is about 7 years old. “Do you know who this is?” Daughter: (gasps) “That’s me when I’m bigger!” I love that she thought this was actually poss...

The Funny Things Kids Say Video

Hilarious compilation of some of the funniest things we have heard kids say over the last few years.

19 Of The Funniest Things Kids Have Ever Said

Share this on Facebook   (Connected as [Disconnect] ) Hey! This video may have privacy restrictions. Ensure that it is publicly visible to everyone. You are signed in as . Out of the mouth of babes comes some pretty crazy stuff. took your lock...

Grandkids Say The Funniest Things - Grandparents.Com

Grandparents are the ones who remember the funny things the kids in the family say. Here are some great stories of kids saying funny things and putting their grandparents in stitches

Funny Things Kids Say

When my daughter was about 2 years old, she pooped on the floor in her room. She asked me to come see. I walked in her room and asked her what had happened. She said to me, “I don't know, it just fell out!” Of course I had to laugh at that!

Elementary School Teachers Share The Funniest Things Kids Have Said In Class

Teachers divulge the most silly and shocking things their students have said in class! As the expression goes, kids say the darndest things. That fact is clearly illustrated by what many elementary school teachers experience on a daily basis. Alth...

Top 10 Funny Things Kids Say | Parenting - The Dad Jam

Parenting has a lot of golden moments that make you laugh and smile. These are the moments that you will treasure long after the kids have moved out and you’ve converted their bedrooms into an exercise room and/or office. Some of my favourite mome...

The Funniest Things That Kids Say

Me and my 7-year-old son Jack were recently waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to buy children’s books when he looked at the magazine rack and asked, “Mom, why would anyone be on a magazine with no shirt on?” I asked him why he thought the model wa...

Kids Say The Darndest Things...In Public

We asked REDBOOK readers on Facebook about the utterly mortifying things their kids have yelled outside the comfort of their own homes. If it were possible to die from embarrassment, we probably would have lost many of them.

17 Insanely Funny Things Only A Toddler Could Say

in: Preschooler>, Toddler>, You and Your Family>, Dad Stories>, Development & Behavior>, Me & My Kids>, Mom Stories Last night I looked at Ryan and sighed, “I wish we could just push a pause button on life whenever we felt like it.” The boys are a...

31 Parents Share The Funniest Thing Their Kid Has Ever Said Or Done

Around the age of 2 my daughter was pointing at the kitchen counter yelling “what the fuck” over and over. I walked closer to the counter that she was screaming at and noticed that her new “big girl” utensils were up there. Turns out she just want...

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Craziest Things Toddlers Say

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