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Cramming Before The Exam

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Every parent gets to hear the terms 'all-night study' and 'group study'. Plus, all of us have crammed for exams at some point or the other. This is usually the result of not studying regularly.

Before the exam there is something people refer to as exam fever. It is not a medical condition but a mood that sets into the environment, especially in homes where there are school- or college-going children.

In many homes, the exam season is characterised by requests for help in copying notes, lifts to a friend’s place to share notes and lots of cramming. The days before the exams should ideally be spent in revising what has already been learned. It is a time for children to concentrate on a healthy sleep and diet cycle to ensure optimum performance in the exams.

Your biggest worry as a parent, when it comes to cramming, is mostly about irregular and insufficient sleep for your child during the exam season. This directly affects her eating habits and time-tables. Cramming or mugging helps only in short-term recollection of subjects but does not help in long-term learning. Cramming fests just don’t work! In a battle of learning vs cramming, learning always wins.

Cramming will negatively affect your child’s higher studies and career. The fact you need to drive home is that both regular studying and sleep are necessary for obtaining good grades. Help your child adopt and adjust to a healthy study schedule.

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