Costliest Briyani

India’S Most Expensive Restaurants

ITC’s bold new culinary experiment to showcase royal vegetarian cuisine (the entire culinary team is vegetarian too!) is also one of the city’s most pricey – their platter alone costs around Rs 3,000. This ‘dinner-only’ restaurant seeks design ins...

Top 10 World's Most Expensive Dishes | Bookatable Blog

As much as we all love a cheap eat, there’s something so enticing about splashing out a little in a restaurant. Be it a special bottle of wine, or ordering two desserts instead of one, we all want a treat when we’re eating out. Restaurants know th...

The Quest For Briyani Part 7: Bismillah Biryani | The Halal Food Blog

So a couple of readers had left some comments on our last installment of The Quest For Briyani Part 6 when we visited Saffron . And the same name kept popping up – Bismillah Biryani. And it never really clicked until one day, one of our guest revi...

7 Places Where You Can Get The Best Biryani In Kolkata

There is the Lucknow Biryani, the Hyderabad Biryani, the Delhi Biryani and there is the Kolkata Biryani. The Kolkata Biryani is actually far removed from the others mentioned; it is made out of a different combination of spices, which renders it i...

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Costliest Briyani

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Costliest Briyani