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Coping With Divorce

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No doubt, divorce is difficult for families. But at times it is inevitable. Divorce is not only emotionally draining for the couple but for their children as well. Therefore, it is really important for parents to cope with all aspects of divorce including helping their children adjust to the new family structure.

Divorcing couples and their children can experience fear, grief, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and self-blame. Disagreements, custody issues, new financial arrangements, change of residence and arguments between couples are some common concerns in almost every divorce case.

Whatever the issues between divorcing couples, it is crucial to shield children from the strife. According to, , ‘Even if you're not openly argumentative, children can sense tension and become anxious themselves.’ Therefore, if a divorcing couple has children, it is important to keep heated arguments and tension away from them. They should try to resolve issues when children are away at school or not in the house. For the sake of children, separating parents need to aim for peaceful negotiations, mature civil behaviour and respect towards each other. This would ensure children grow up to be emotionally-stable adults who are not afraid of committed relationships.

Parents need not suffer in an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children. But there is no way they can’t make their divorce an easy transition for their children. It’s important to make sure children don’t get the feeling of abandonment or experience emotional trauma due to the nasty divorce of their parents.

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