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Coping With Back-to-school Anxiety


It is a common to find children pretending to be sick on the day the schools reopen after a long vacation. Leaving behind the comfortable environment of the home to get back to school is not easy for all. Children who refuse to go to school, especially after a long break, are often regarded as lethargic by their parents. But this is not always true. Researchers Gail Bernstein and Barry Garfinkel conducted a study and published their results in an article titled, ‘School Phobia: The Overlap of Affective and Anxiety Disorders’.  The article was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry. Their research included 26 chronic school-refusing adolescents and indicated that 69 per cent of them suffered from depression and 62 per cent had anxiety disorders. 

So, if your child refuses to go to school after a vacation, it may not be due to the fact that he is lazy. He might be suffering from back-to-school anxiety, or there could be other reasons as well. 

Some common reasons why children refuse to go to school are the presence of bullies, fear of tests or a feeling of loneliness. The article titled, ‘Helping your child cope with back-to-school anxiety’, published on AnxietyBC, states that anxious young children and teens worry about issues such as teachers, friends, fitting in and being away from their parents. 

So, instead of forcing your child to go to school, it is important to dig deeper and understand the reasons for his refusal. This is also necessary to ensure that your child enjoys going to school.

This ClipBook is what you require to equip yourself to tackle your child’s back-to-school issues. 


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