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Cool Converse offers early English and language development classes. My students speak fluently in English and guaranteed results. We offers early English classes with cursive handwriting, art work for the age group 2 1/2 to 6 years. Our main acti...

Adult communication classes are conducted for home makers, working sectors and competitive exams. YLE - British Council Training English Olympiad Training done exclusively at our centre.


Listen ComprehendAudio visual AidsStory telling Studio session - Theatre ShowListening Game - Ice BreakersVocabulary Enhancement


Sentence starters - To speak Simple sentences Thematic approach - Age appropriate Focus on Pronunciation Vocabulary Dictation Stress intonation

Pragmatic Exposure

Visit to Railway Station / Super Market Pop out with Associated words


Speed writing Creative writing Journal writing Letter writing Dialogue writing Comprehension

Functional School Grammar

Curriculum based contents Lining up with school syllabus State / Matric / CBSE / ICSE

The End

Learning - Language Skills | 2-18 yrs

Cool Converse

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