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Cooking With Children

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Cooking is a de-stressing activity for many of us. However, sometimes it can get difficult to whip up those yummy parathas because children are around. While it is easy to explain to older children to stay away from the kitchen, the same cannot be said about little brats. So, how do you juggle between cooking and your tantrum-throwing child? Simple. Cook with him!

Cooking with your child can be beneficial to her development apart from being a fun-filled activity for both of you. It can help you teach science to your child, improve her creativity and decision-making skills, and at the same time, help her make healthy food choices. Jennifer Henderson in her article published in CASA says, “Beyond connecting with one another, cooking can connect across these concepts, bundling disciplines together. For example, a 'failed' recipe: Did the dish burn? (understanding time), Did the bread not rise? (science in action), Were enough scoops of flour added? (basic math), Was the recipe followed correctly? (reading foundations) and so on.”

So, what are you waiting for? Introduce your child to the world of cooking today! However, ensure that you take all the safety precautions before doing so, like keeping the knives away and making him stand at a safe distance from the stove.

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