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Constipation In Children: Causes & Cures

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“If people would take care of their body and cleanse their colon and intestines, their problems would be pretty much eliminated.”—Dr George C Crile

Seeing their children in pain and discomfort is the most difficult thing for parents to witness. Constipation is one such issue that can cause pain and discomfort among children. But just because your child’s bowel movements aren’t regular, can you say that he is constipated? Bowel patterns vary among children and you need to make sure that he really is suffering from constipation.

It is common for children to hold back on passing stools. So, to ascertain whether your child is constipated, look for the common signs like abdominal pain, straining and hard stools. The presence of streaks of blood and incomplete evacuation can also indicate constipation. Because of the pain experienced with passing stools, constipated children tend to hold back on bowel movements. This results in aggravating the problem.

Once you have established that your child is indeed suffering from constipation, it is time to look for a solution to the problem. According to an article on foodforkidshealth.com, ‘Constipation and other bowel disorders are common symptoms of underlying illness, which can be treated with dietary and lifestyle changes’. Some of the natural ways to relieve constipation include introducing probiotics, removing processed foods from the diet and cooking food in healthy fats like ghee. But when simple measures fail to cure the problem, you must take your child to the paediatrician.

Usually, paediatricians recommend laxatives to cure the condition.

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Constipation In Children

Having a child who is constipated can be stressful. It is often hard for parents to know what to do. Constipation can cause your child to have stomach pain, bloating, gas, poor appetite and crankiness.

How To Tell If Your Child Is Constipated

Parents should watch out for signs of constipation in their children like hard stools and pain in passing them; streaks of blood along the outside of the stool; abdominal discomfort along with hard, infrequent stools; and hard stools passed by a b...

When To Worry About Constipation In Children

Although, children have different bowel patterns, your child is considered to have constipation if she has difficulty passing stools or hasn’t been able to have three or more bowel movements a week, according to the American Academy of Family Phys...

Signs, Causes And Cures

There are many signs that point to constipation. If your newborn is having difficulty pooping or when there is a prolonged absence of poop, your child could be suffering from constipation.

10 Ways To Relieve Constipation In Babies

Constipation in babies can be more distressing to the parent than the baby. Here are 10 amazing ways to relieve constipation in babies.

8 Safe Natural Ways To Stop Constipation

Does your child experience frequent constipation or have trouble passing stools? A healthy child should have 1-2 stools daily. If your child is not having regular bowel activity, the immune system becomes weakened and it leaves the body vulnerable...

Home Treatments For Constipation

If your child has mild to moderate symptoms of constipation and is over four months, you might consider some of these treatment options. Fruit juice and high-fibre foods might help.

Kid-Friendly Foods To Fight Constipation

Constipation is a common problem for many children. A healthy diet is one way to prevent constipation, and adding certain foods to your child's diet can help her avoid this uncomfortable condition.

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