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Constipation And Diarrhoea In Children

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Young children often have issues with their digestive health. Constipation and diarrhoea are two common culprits which bring them discomfort.

Bowel movements could vary from child to child. Parents need to keep a watch over the digestive health of their young children. Parents have a tough time if their child is affected by either constipation or diarrhoea. 

Constipation can be really painful for a young child. However, just irregular bowel movements do not mean constipation. Some children tend to hold back their bowel movements. This could aggravate the problem.

In the case of diarrhoea, apart from other reasons, food poisoning could cause diarrhoea too. Common symptoms of constipation are abdominal pain, straining and hard stools. Sings for diarrheoa are loose, watery stools. It could be accompanied by vomiting too. Contaminated food could be a reason for diarrhoea. 

If your child suffers constipation and other bowel disorders quite regularly, do not ignore it. It could be an indication of some underlying ailments.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook which deals with these two sticky issues. We covered topics like what to look for in the stool of babies, constipation in toddlers and foods to eat during diarrhoea.


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