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Conscience And The Child

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Get this. It might not be intelligence, athleticism, or hard work that will enable your child be a model adult. The one factor that will better prepare him for the future and determine his ethical path is his conscience. The conscience is the most sensitive aspect within human nature, that is nothing but the instinctive knowledge of what is right and wrong.

The conscience of your child acts as a restraining element in his behaviour. It instils in him a need to do good, and prevents him from swaying the wrong way. Also, as a parent, knowing that your child has developed a conscience and is keeping away from the wrong things, can be a comforting feeling. This necessitates the teaching of concept of right and wrong, good and bad to your child. And, as early you teach him this, the better would be his development.

According to an article in Parenting, “Preschool is the ideal time to start having these talks. While it's never too early to begin teaching concepts like honesty and respect, when toddlers are "good" it's because they prefer rewards to punishment, not because they can grasp why a behaviour is wrong. When kids start testing rules and boundaries, and can understand why a certain misdeed is unacceptable, teachable moments abound.”

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